Wisconsin Executive Protection, LLC is Manage by the 1st bilingual Twins in the Security and Executive Protection industry; together they make an exceptional Team like no others in addition there expectation between each other is no less than high Professionalism to the advantage of their clients. 


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Jorge Pizarro, CEO                                                               Franklin Pizarro, Director of Ops


Count with experiences:                                                              Count with experiences:

Police Officer                                                                              Advance Team Member                                                   

Driver for a Mayor                                                                      Security Officer

Close Protection for a Mayor                                                      Ass. Director of Security

Advance Team Member                                                              Aviation Industry

Director of Security                                                                     Safety Inspector

Security Officer                                                                           Firefighter

Professional Rescue Team Instructor                                          Executive Protection Team Leader

Executive Protection Team Member                                           Member of Special Ops Rescue Team

Celebrity Protection                                                                    Celebrity Protection

Director of Lost Prevention                                                        Ass. of Dir. of Lost Prevention

USCGAux  Member / Vessel Examiner                                     USCGAux Member / Vessel Examiner / FSO-DV







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