Our Company

Wisconsin Executive Protection is a provider of Security services in Wisconsin with a Professional network Nationwide. We are a visionary company with high ideals and we set standards for quality, service and professionalism that are adopted from an industry that is rich in tradition.

A company that was established in 2011 and quickly built a reputation of producing well trained officers, quick response by management, and reliable service. We are also a company with a high ethical nature, which has become one of our distinguished characteristics.

Mission & Objectives

To provide a safe and secure environment, to secure the property of the Clients against thefts and property damages.

Below are the outlines of our methods of achieving these goals.

  • Provide a proactive and pre-emptive approach to implementing our security measures.
  • Enforce rule and regulations outlined by management.
  • Enforce management's policy of no trespass and no loitering.
  • Keep records of violators and repeat offenders.
  • Retain and restrain violators for arrest by Milwaukee Police.
  • Maintain general order.
  • Enforce Parking rules (permits, abandon vehicles etc.)
  • Increase the Level of Security Presence.
  • Provide legible daily written reports and separate incident reports for management.
  • Partner with local law enforcement on community policing within the property.

Wisconsin Executive Protection Officers will act as a visible deterrent to any criminal activity, working diligently with management to create a secure and safe environment.


W.E.P., LLC Utilizes several recruiting sources which include local newspapers, state employment, veteran groups, City and county social service agencies, private industry counsel, vocational centers, military organizations, job fairs and numerous other qualified sources.

In cases where we assume the responsibilities from our incumbents providers, our goal is to recruit and retain as many qualified incumbent personnel as possible that is found qualified for employment with W.E.P., LLC We take seriously our responsibility to select only those security officers who possess the appropriate skills, qualifications, and aptitudes for each client location. We screen officers to insure there is good match between the officer's aptitude and the client's site.

W.E.P., LLC is very sensitive to the importance of retention and making us the employer of choice. Our focus in this area start immediately, we take every step to ensure our officers that they are valued employees. We encourage communication, and input. We have employee recognition programs where we offer bonuses and awards, and we consistently promote training.

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