Who Needs Executive Security Services

W.E.P’, LLC provides executive protection services for:

  • Celebrities
  • Corporate executives
  • Dignitaries
  • Political figures (candidates, elected officers, lobbyists, etc.)

Executive protective service is available whether you have experienced or received threats or simply occupy a position that makes threats more likely.

Executive Security Assignment Duration 

For many dignitaries and celebrities, executive protective service may only be needed for a short stay. However, political figures may need executive protection throughout a campaign season or longer. W.E.P., LLC provides executive protective service for as long as needed.

Personal Protection in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Executive Protection, LLC offers personal protection detail for high profile individuals staying in and/or traveling through the state.

Customizing Your Personal Protection

Bodyguard service entails a minimum of eight hours of personal protection by one or more officers. However, you can customize personal protection detail to best meet your needs. You may choose, for instance:

  • How closely your bodyguard must stay in relation to your person
  • Bodyguard dress (plain clothes or formal attire)

Personal protection service may also include armed transport, which gives you options for the type of vehicle you require for travel.

There is no limit to the time or distance your bodyguard may accompany you. If personal protection service requires travel across state lines, The only limitations to our personal protection capabilities are those prescribed by federal, state and local laws.

Experienced Body Guard

W.E.P., LLC personal protection detail is provided by our highly trained and experienced officers. The officers acting as bodyguards have the capabilities to:

  • Identify threats that casual observers may not detect
  • Covertly keep watch over you as you move through public space
  • Create a physical barrier between you and the public

Our officers are physically and mentally up to the task of providing constant watch over you to keep you safe from harm.