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We live in a world, where concerns for safety and security escalate daily. From a business perspective, these uncertainties apply to the well being not only of people but also of buildings, equipment, competitive information, and research and development information.

Effectively dealing with these concerns has grown beyond the capacity of most budget-constrained public security providers. As a result, many companies have turned to costly proprietary security systems, only to see these systems struggle due to inexperienced personnel, incompatible equipment and insufficient budget. Striving to meet the resulting need is a growing and diverse array of private security providers, many of whom have very specific skills. Some of these companies perform background checks, some supply uniformed Security Officers.

Your company’s mission can be accomplished by leveraging the multiple services of W.E.P.

Wisconsin Executive Protection, LLC is committed to enhancing the safety, security and success of our clients. Unlike other companies we do this by creating well-considered, well-implemented security environments so that our clients can concentrate on their core business objectives. Partnerships develop in which we not only define goals, but also anticipate and proactively identify and address future needs by participating in your strategic planning process.

We recognize that your company’s primary objective is the provision of security officers. While W.E.P. core competency is in providing these services, we believe it is important to also highlight all our capabilities in order to demonstrate the total value of what we will bring to your company.

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